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Social Event

Unforgettable Evening at Castello di Decima
Wednesday 28, 19:00 – 23:30

Castello di Decima is located at the tenth mile of the ancient Roman consular road leading to Naples.
The lava stone slabs of the consular road are still hidden under the tarmac road of the old Via Pontina, now via Clarice Tartufari.
Important archaeological findings of the Latin people were discovered near the junction for Pratica di Mare: a "grave with chariot" dating 750-725 B.C., a "female tomb" from mid seventh century B.C. and other findings are now preserved at the High Middle Age Museum in Rome.

In Roman times, there was a place for changing horses at the tenth mile. The tower of the fortress and the church rest on tufa rocks and have Roman underground walls as their foundations – these were the remains of a Roman pool. On an adjacent tufa plateau, there are Latin walls, maybe remnants of ancient Politorium, destroyed by Anco Marzio.

Although the minor consular roads fell into disuse during the lower Empire, the village was still always inhabited. Many famous people owned the Castle over several centuries. In 1768 Cardinal Luigi Torrigiani, Secretary of State of Pope Clement XIII, built the Palace in Decima on previous constructions, and restructured the parish church dedicated to St. Antonio Abate, with various houses and warehouses in Decima Bassa.

In 1938 the estate was bought by Count Romolo Vaselli, one of the most important and modern Roman entrepreneurs of the early twentieth century, and he immediately committed to developing the land. Important canals and a network of internal roads were constructed and many houses with water and electric light were built.

At the same time, he set up an innovative tobacco growing activity and planted a modern peach orchard. Many trees and a pine forest were planted. Great improvement was initiated, granting privilege to the agricultural character of the place. His heirs continued the work with important restoration works and on-going improvements in the park.

The church, headed to St. Andrew the Apostle, and part of the parish of Tor de 'Cenci, contains an interesting coffered ceiling with the coat of arms of the Torrigiani family.

The eighteenth-century Castello di Decima still maintains all the charm of its ancient past. The Castle is located within the nature reserve of Decima Malafede. With its 6,145 hectares, the estate is the largest among the parks protected by Roma Natura. Nestled in the green hills and in a beautiful pine forest, the castle is an island away from the world, a serene and exclusive venue for our evening.

Today the ancient castle of Decima represents a perfect combination of history, beauty and nature.
The wonderful halls of the castle, with ancient painted ceilings and antique furnishings are the perfect location for our dinner. The music combined with fantastic food will provide our guests a memorable and unforgettable evening.