08:45 - 10:15 - Room Castelo III Parallel Session 3 - Geometry and Modeling - GRAPP
  • 46: A Practical and Robust Method to Compute the Boundary of Three-dimensional Axis-aligned Boxes Daniel López Monterde, Jonàs Martínez, Marc Vigo and Núria Pla
  • 47: Non-rigid Registration for Deformable Objects Van-Toan Cao, Van Tung Nguyen, Trung-Thien Tran, Sarah Ali and Denis Laurendeau
  • 77: Geodesic Mesh Processing with Edge-Front based Data Structures Hendrik Annuth and Christian-A. Bohn
08:45 - 10:15 - Room Castelo I Parallel Session 3 - Image and Video Analysis - VISAPP
  • 52: The World vs. SCOTT - Synthesis of COncealment Two-level Texture Julien Gosseaume, Kidiyo Kpalma and Joseph Ronsin
  • 86: Focus Evaluation Approach for Retinal Images Diana Veiga, Carla Pereira, Manuel Ferreira, Luís Gonçalves and João Monteiro
  • 305: Local Texton Dissimilarity with Applications on Biomass Classification Radu Tudor Ionescu, Andreea-Lavinia Popescu, Dan Popescu and Marius Popescu
  • 310: A Fast Leaf Recognition Algorithm based on SVM Classifier and High Dimensional Feature Vector Cecilia Di Ruberto and Lorenzo Putzu
08:45 - 10:15 - Room Castelo II Parallel Session 3 - Image and Video Understanding - VISAPP
  • 24: Can 3D Shape of the Face Reveal your Age? Baiqiang Xia, Boulbaba Ben Amor, Mohamed Daoudi and Hassen Drira
  • 216: Subtasks of Unconstrained Face Recognition Joel Z. Leibo, Qianli Liao and Tomaso Poggio
  • 341: Impact of Facial Cosmetics on Automatic Gender and Age Estimation Algorithms Cunjian Chen, Antitza Dantcheva and Arun Ross
08:45 - 10:15 - Room Castelo VII Parallel Session 3 - Image Formation and Preprocessing - VISAPP
  • 109: Active Contour Segmentation with Affine Coordinate-based Parametrization Q. Xue, L. Igual, A. Berenguel, M. Guerrieri and L. Garrido
  • 160: Dynamic Multiscale Visualization of Flight Data Tijmen Klein, Matthew van der Zwan and Alexandru Telea
  • 178: Hand Veins Recognition System João Ricardo Gonçalves Neves and Paulo Lobato Correia
  • 222: Tone Mapping for Single-shot HDR Imaging Johannes Herwig, Matthias Sobczyk and Josef Pauli
08:45 - 10:15 - Room Castelo X Parallel Session 3 - Applications and Services - VISAPP
  • 245: Quantitative Analysis of Pulmonary Emphysema using Isotropic Gaussian Markov Random Fields Chathurika Dharmagunawardhana, Sasan Mahmoodi, Michael Bennett and Mahesan Niranjan
  • 340: Optimization of Endoscopic Video Stabilization by Local Motion Exclusion Thomas Gross, Navya Amin, Marvin C. Offiah, Susanne Rosenthal, Nail El-Sourani and Markus Borschbach
  • 78: Improved Pulse Detection from Head Motions using DCT Ramin Irani, Kamal Nasrollahi and Thomas B. Moeslund
10:15 Coffee-Break (10:15 - 10:30)
10:30 - 11:40 - Room Castelo VIII + IX Keynote Lecture Past, Present, and Future in and of Software Visualization Stephan Diehl, University of Trier, Germany
11:40 - 13:00 - Room Castelo VII Parallel Session 4 - Abstract Data Visualization - IVAPP
  • 3: Visualizing Hierarchy Changes by Dynamic Indented Plots Michael Burch, Tanja Blascheck, Christine Louka and Daniel Weiskopf
  • 11: Storyboard Augmentation of Process Model Grammars for Stakeholder Communication Nardella Kathleen, Brown Ross and Simone Kriglstein
  • 25: A Computational Metric of the Quality of Circulation in Interior Spaces Arash Bahrehmand, Alun Evans and Josep Blat
  • 53: A Perceptive Insight into Cities Patterns by Visualizing Urban Economies Luca Piovano, Alberto Andréu, Iris Galloso and Claudio Feijóo
11:40 - 13:00 - Room Castelo IV Parallel Session 1 - Special Session on ICT-based Analysis and Modeling of Intangible Cultural Heritage - IAMICH
  • 2: Capturing the Intangible - An Introduction to the I-Treasures Project Kosmas Dimitropoulos, Sotiris Manitsaris, Filareti Tsalakanidou, Spiros Nikolopoulos, Bruce Denby, Samer Al Kork, Lise Crevier-Buchman, Claire Pillot-Loiseau, Martine Adda-Decker, Stephane Dupont, Joelle Tilmanne, Michela Ott, Marilena Alivizatou, Erdal Yilmaz, Leontios Hadjileontiadis, Vassilios Charisis, Olivier Deroo, Athanasios Manitsaris, Ioannis Kompatsiaris and Nikos Grammalidis
  • 4: Dance Analysis using Multiple Kinect Sensors Alexandros Kitsikidis, Kosmas Dimitropoulos, Stella Douka and Nikos Grammalidis
  • 6: Exploration of a Stylistic Motion Space Through Realtime Synthesis Jöelle Tilmanne, Nicolas d'Alessandro, Maria Astrinaki and Thierry Ravet
11:40 - 13:00 - Room Castelo V Parallel Session 1 - Special Session on Ultra Wide Context and Content Aware Imaging - PANORAMA
  • 2: A Full Reference Video Quality Measure based on Motion Differences and Saliency Maps Evaluation B. Ortiz-Jaramillo, A. Kumcu, L. Platisa and W. Philips
  • 3: Online Non-rigid Structure-from-Motion based on a Keyframe Representation of History Simon Donné, Ljubomir Jovanov , Bart Goossens, Wilfried Philips and Aleksandra Pižurica
11:40 - 13:00 - Room Castelo I Parallel Session 4 - Image and Video Analysis - VISAPP
  • 103: A Saliency-based Framework for 2D-3D Registration Mark Brown, Jean-Yves Guillemaut and David Windridge
  • 252: Hierarchical Bayesian Modelling of Visual Attention Jinhua Xu
  • 331: Monte-Carlo Image Retargeting Roberto Gallea, Edoardo Ardizzone and Roberto Pirrone
11:40 - 13:00 - Room Castelo II Parallel Session 4 - Image and Video Understanding - VISAPP
  • 33: Subsign Detection and Classification System for Automated Traffic-sign Inventory Systems Lykele Hazelhoff, Ron op het Veld, Ivo Creusen and Peter H. N. de With
  • 92: Image Retrieval with Reciprocal and Shared Nearest Neighbors Agni Delvinioti, Hervé Jégou, Laurent Amsaleg and Michael Houle
  • 195: Paper Substrate Classification based on 3D Surface Micro-geometry Hossein Malekmohamadi, Khemraj Emrith, Stephen Pollard, Guy Adams, Melvyn Smith and Steve Simske
11:40 - 13:00 - Room Castelo III Parallel Session 4 - Image and Video Analysis and Motion, Tracking and Stereo Vision - VISAPP
  • 104: 3D Reconstruction with Mirrors and RGB-D Cameras Abdullah Akay and Yusuf Sinan Akgul
  • 399: Graph Cut and Image Segmentation using Mean Cut by Means of an Agglomerative Algorithm Elaine Ayumi Chiba, Marco Antonio Garcia Carvalho and André Luís Costa
11:40 - 13:00 - Room Castelo X Parallel Session 4 - Applications and Services - VISAPP
  • 30: Mastering the Art of Persuasion - Intelligent Tutoring System for Presenters Anh-Tuan Nguyen, Wei Chen and Matthias Rauterberg
  • 135: Appearance-based Eye Control System by Manifold Learning Ke Liang, Youssef Chahir, Michèle Molina, Charles Tijus and François Jouen
  • 261: Automated Arteriole and Venule Recognition in Retinal Images using Ensemble Classification M. M. Fraz, A. R. Rudincka, C. G. Owen, D. P. Strachan and S. A. Barman
  • 381: Effects of Stereoscopy on a Human-Computer Interface for Network Centric Operations Alessandro Zocco, Davide Cannone and Lucio Tommaso De Paolis
13:00 Lunch (13:00 - 14:15)
14:15 - 16:15 - Room Castelo V Parallel Session 2 - Special Session on Ultra Wide Context and Content Aware Imaging - PANORAMA
  • 1: Mutation Detection System for Actualizing Traffic Sign Inventories Lykele Hazelhoff, Ivo Creusen and Peter H. N. de With
  • 4: Retrieval System for Person Re-identification Sławomir Bąk, François Brémond, Vasanth Bathrinarayanan, Alessandro Capra, Davide Giacalone, Giuseppe Messina and Antonio Buemi
  • 5: Vehicle Tracking based on Customized Template Matching Sebastiano Battiato, Giovanni Maria Farinella, Antonino Furnari, Giovanni Puglisi, Anique Snijders and Jelmer Spiekstra
14:15 - 16:15 - Room Castelo III Parallel Session 5 - Rendering - GRAPP
  • 28: Variable Penumbra Soft Shadows for Mobile Devices Alun Evans, Javi Agenjo and Josep Blat
  • 51: CoSMo: Intent-based Composition of Shader Modules Georg Haaser, Harald Steinlechner, Michael May, Michael Schwärzler, Stefan Maierhofer and Robert Tobler
  • 56: Refresh Rate Modulation for Perceptually Optimized Computer Graphics Jeffrey Smith, Thomas Booth and Reynold Bailey
  • 84: Topological Space Partition for Fast Ray Tracing in Architectural Models Maxime Maria, Sébastien Horna and Lilian Aveneau
14:15 - 16:15 - Room Castelo IV Parallel Session 2 - Special Session on ICT-based Analysis and Modeling of Intangible Cultural Heritage - IAMICH
  • 1: On Enhancing Blended-Learning Scenarios through Fuzzy Logic-based Modeling of Users’ LMS Quality of Interaction - The Rare & Contemporary Dance Paradigms Sofia B. Dias, Leontios J. Hadjileontiadis and José A. Diniz
  • 3: A Participatory Approach to Define User Requirements of a Platform for Intangible Cultural Heritage Education Francesca Pozzi, Alessandra Antonaci, Francesca Maria Dagnino, Michela Ott and Mauro Tavella
  • 5: Multi-entity Bayesian Networks for Treasuring the Intangible Cultural Heritage Giannis Chantas, Spiros Nikolopoulos and Ioannis Kompatsiaris
14:15 - 16:15 - Room Castelo VI Parallel Session 1 - DCVISIGRAPP
  • 1: A Novel Framework for Computing Unique People Count from Monocular Videos Satarupa Mukherjee and Nilanjan Ray
  • 2: Development of a Multispectral Gastroendoscope to Improve the Detection of Precancerous Lesions in Digestive Gastroendoscopy Sergio Ernesto Martinez Herrera, Yannick Benezeth, Matthieu Boffety, François Goudail, Dominique Lamarque, Jean-François Emile and Franck Marzani
  • 3: Expressive Talking Head for Interactive Conversational Systems Paula Dornhofer Paro Costa and José Mario De Martino
  • 5: Optimal Object Categorization under Application Specific Conditions Steven Puttemans and Toon Goedemé
  • 6: Estimating Driver Unawareness of Pedestrian based on Visual Behaviors and Driving Behaviors Minh Tien Phan, Indira Thouvenin, Vincent Fremont and Véronique Cherfaoui
14:15 - 16:15 - Room Castelo VII Parallel Session 5 - Abstract Data Visualization - IVAPP
  • 17: An Inverse Distance-based Potential Field Function for Overlapping Point Set Visualization Jevgenijs Vihrovs, Krišjānis Prūsis, Kārlis Freivalds, Pēteris Ručevskis and Valdis Krebs
  • 19: Template-based Treemaps to Preserve Spatial Constraints Natallia Kokash, Bernard de Bono and Joost Kok
  • 27: Visualizations for Text Re-use Stefan Jänicke, Annette Geßner, Marco Büchler and Gerik Scheuermann
  • 35: Data Visualization using Decision Trees and Clustering Olivier Parisot, Yoanne Didry, Pierrick Bruneau and Benoît Otjacques
14:15 - 16:15 - Room Castelo I Parallel Session 5 - Image and Video Analysis - VISAPP
  • 19: Polygonal Approximation of an Object Contour by Detecting Edge Dominant Corners using Iterative Corner Suppression Rabih Al Nachar, Elie Inaty, Patrick J. Bonnin and Yasser Alayli
  • 48: Statistical Models of Shape and Spatial Relation-application to Hippocampus Segmentation Saïd Ettaïeb, Kamel Hamrouni and Su Ruan
  • 96: Depth-Scale Method in 3D Registration of RGB-D Sensor Outputs Ismail Bozkurt and Egemen Özden
  • 241: Performance Evaluation of Feature Point Descriptors in the Infrared Domain Pablo Ricaurte, Carmen Chilán , Cristhian A. Aguilera-Carrasco, Boris X. Vintimilla and Angel D. Sappa
  • 328: Contour Localization based on Matching Dense HexHoG Descriptors Yuan Liu and Paul Siebert
14:15 - 16:15 - Room Castelo X Parallel Session 5a - Image and Video Analysis - VISAPP
  • 91: A New Algorithm for Objective Video Quality Assessment on Eye Tracking Data Maria Grazia Albanesi and Riccardo Amadeo
  • 118: A Comparative Evaluation of 3D Keypoint Detectors in a RGB-D Object Dataset Silvio Filipe and Luís A. Alexandre
  • 125: 2D Shape Matching based on B-spline Curves and Dynamic Programming Nacéra Laiche and Slimane Larabi
  • 282: Face Verification using LBP Feature and Clustering Chenqi Wang, Kevin Lin and Yi-Ping Hung
  • 315: Automatic Analysis of In-the-Wild Mobile Eye-tracking Experiments using Object, Face and Person Detection Stijn De Beugher, Geert Brône and Toon Goedemé
  • 387: Audiovisual Data Fusion for Successive Speakers Tracking Quentin Labourey, Olivier Aycard, Denis Pellerin and Michele Rombaut
14:15 - 16:15 - Room Castelo II Parallel Session 5 - Image and Video Understanding - VISAPP
  • 174: Fast Self-supervised On-line Training for Object Recognition Specifically for Robotic Applications Markus Schoeler, Simon Christoph Stein, Jeremie Papon, Alexey Abramov and Florentin Woergoetter
  • 320: Detecting Events in Crowded Scenes using Tracklet Plots Pau Climent-Pérez, Alexandre Mauduit, Dorothy N. Monekosso and Paolo Remagnino
  • 34: Dictionary based Pooling for Object Categorization Sean Ryan Fanello, Nicoletta Noceti, Giorgio Metta and Francesca Odone
  • 43: Temporally Consistent Snow Cover Estimation from Noisy, Irregularly Sampled Measurements Dominic Rüfenacht, Matthew Brown, Jan Beutel and Sabine Süsstrunk
  • 356: A Survey of Extended Methods to the Bag of Visual Words for Image Categorization and Retrieval Mouna Dammak, Mahmoud Mejdoub and Chokri Ben Amar
14:15 - 16:15 - Room Castelo IX Parallel Session 5 - Motion, Tracking and Stereo Vision - VISAPP
  • 81: Feature Matching using CO-Inertia Analysis for People Tracking Srinidhi Mukanahallipatna Simha, Duc Phu Chau and Francois Bremond
  • 84: 3D Head Model Fitting Evaluation Protocol on Synthetic Databases for Acquisition System Comparison Catherine Herold, Vincent Despiegel, Stéphane Gentric, Séverine Dubuisson and Isabelle Bloch
  • 98: Perception-prediction-control Architecture for IP Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera through Interacting Multiple Models Pierrick Paillet, Romaric Audigier, Frederic Lerasle and Quoc-Cuong Pham
  • 188: A Graph-based MAP Solution for Multi-person Tracking using Multi-camera Systems Xiaoyan Jiang, Marco Körner, Daniel Haase and Joachim Denzler
14:15 - 16:15 - Room Castelo VIII Parallel Session 5a - Motion, Tracking and Stereo Vision - VISAPP
  • 87: Quality Assessment of Compressed Video for Automatic License Plate Recognition Anna Ukhanova, Jesper Støttrup-Andersen, Søren Forchhammer and John Madsen
  • 141: A Bayesian Framework for Enhanced Geometric Reconstruction of Complex Objects by Helmholtz Stereopsis Nadejda Roubtsova and Jean-Yves Guillemaut
  • 129: Multiview Point Cloud Filtering for Spatiotemporal Consistency Robert Skupin, Thilo Borgmann and Thomas Sikora
  • 206: Color Supported Generalized-ICP Michael Korn, Martin Holzkothen and Josef Pauli
  • 380: Sampling based Bundle Adjustment using Feature Matches between Ground-view and Aerial Images Hideyuki Kume, Tomokazu Sato and Naokazu Yokoya
16:15 Coffee-Break (16:15 - 16:30)
16:15 - 17:15 - Alfama Posters Session 1
  • 55: Extending Space Colonization Tree Modeling for Artistic Control and Environmental Interactions Owen Patrick, Manjeet Rege and Reynold Bailey
  • 58: Real-Time 3D Visualization of Accurate Specular Reflections in Curved Mirrors - A GPU Implementation André Lages Miguel, Ana Catarina Nogueira and Nuno Gonçalves
  • 70: A Bare-Hand Gesture Interaction System for Virtual Environments Benjamín Hernández and Alejandro Flores
  • 82: Clutter Reduction in Rendering of Particle (Atom) Trajectories with Adaptive Position Merging Bidur Bohara and Bijaya B. Karki
  • 4: Visual Analysis of Time-Dependent Multivariate Data from Dairy Farming Industry Lorenzo Di Silvestro, Michael Burch, Margherita Caccamo, Daniel Weiskopf, Fabian Beck and Giovanni Gallo
  • 10: Uncertainty Estimation and Visualization of Wind in Weather Forecasts Bård Fjukstad, John Markus Bjørndalen and Otto Anshus
  • 12: IPFViewer - A Visual Analysis System for Hierarchical Ensemble Data Matthias Thurau, Christoph Buck and Wolfram Luther
  • 16: Visual Analytics of Multi-sensor Weather Information - Georeferenciation of Doppler Weather Radar and Weather Stations Aitor Moreno, Andoni Galdós, Andoni Mujika and Álvaro Segura
  • 9: Part-based 3D Multi-person Tracking using Depth Cue in a Top View Cyrille Migniot and Fakhreddine Ababsa
  • 44: Multi-spectral Flash Imaging under Low-light Condition using Optimization with Weight Map Bong-Seok Choi, Dae-Chul Kim, Wang-Jun Kyung and Yeong-Ho Ha
  • 51: High Performance Particle Tracking Velocimetry for Fluidized Beds Jouni Elfvengren, Jari Kolehmainen and Pentti Saarenrinne
  • 53: Automated Segmentation of Cell Structure in Microscopy Images Nicole Kerrison and Andy Bulpitt
  • 56: Online Brain Tissue Classification in Multiple Sclerosis using a Scanner-integrated Image Analysis Pipeline Refaat E. Gabr, Amol Pednekar, Xiaojun Sun and Ponnada A. Narayana
  • 68: Multi Touch Shape Recognition for Projected Capacitive Touch Screen I. Guarneri, A. Capra, G. M. Farinella, F. Cristaldi and S. Battiato
  • 85: Fast Target Redetection for CAMSHIFT using Back-projection and Histogram Matching Abdul Basit, Matthew N. Dailey, Pudit Laksanacharoen and Jednipat Moonrinta
  • 134: Group Tracking and Behavior Recognition in Long Video Surveillance Sequences Carolina Gárate, Sofia Zaidenberg, Julien Badie and François Brémond
  • 137: A Combined Calibration of 2D and 3D Sensors - A Novel Calibration for Laser Triangulation Sensors based on Point Correspondences Alexander Walch and Christian Eitzinger
  • 156: In Search of a Car - Utilizing a 3D Model with Context for Object Detection Mikael Nilsson and Håkan Ardö
  • 158: Global Camera Parameterization for Bundle Adjustment Čeněk Albl and Tomás Pajdla
  • 159: Converting Underwater Imaging into Imaging in Air Tim Dolereit and Arjan Kuijper
  • 161: Energy based Descriptors and their Application for Car Detection Radovan Fusek, Eduard Sojka, Karel Mozdřeň and Milan Šurkala
  • 164: Exemplar-based Human Body Super-resolution for Surveillance Camera Systems Kento Nishibori, Tomokazu Takahashi, Daisuke Deguchi, Ichiro Ide and Hiroshi Murase
  • 173: Efficient Inference of Spatial Hierarchical Models Jan Mačák and Ondřej Drbohlav
  • 177: What to Show? - Automatic Stream Selection among Multiple Sensors Rémi Emonet, E. Oberzaucher and J.-M. Odobez
  • 204: Hand Recognition using Texture Histograms - A Proposed Technique for Image Acquisition and Recognition of the Human Palm Luiz Antônio Pereira Neves, Dionei José Müller, Fellipe Alexandre, Pedro Machado Guillen Trevisani, Pedro Santos Brandi and Rafael Junqueira
  • 223: Liquid Crystal Image Analysis by Image Descriptors Guilherme Enoc Egas de Carvalho, Franklin César Flores, Fernando Carlos Messias Freire and Anderson Reginaldo Sampaio
  • 231: A Bottom-up Approach to Class-dependent Feature Selection for Material Classification Pascal Mettes, Robby Tan and Remco Veltkamp
  • 238: Self-learning Voxel-based Multi-camera Occlusion Maps for 3D Reconstruction Maarten Slembrouck, Dimitri Van Cauwelaert, David Van Hamme, Dirk Van Haerenborgh, Peter Van Hese, Peter Veelaert and Wilfried Philips
  • 248: Constructing Facial Expression Log from Video Sequences using Face Quality Assessment Mohammad A. Haque, Kamal Nasrollahi and Thomas B. Moeslund
  • 249: Vision based System for Vacant Parking Lot Detection: VPLD Imen Masmoudi, Ali Wali, Anis Jamoussi and Adel M. Alimi
  • 253: Hand Pose Recognition by using Masked Zernike Moments JungSoo Park, Hyo-Rim Choi, JunYoung Kim and TaeYong Kim
  • 274: Cross-spectral Stereo Correspondence using Dense Flow Fields Naveen Onkarappa, Cristhian A. Aguilera-Carrasco, Boris X. Vintimilla and Angel D. Sappa
  • 275: Dynamic Scene Recognition based on Improved Visual Vocabulary Model Lin Yan-Hao and Lu-Fang GAO
  • 285: A General-purpose Crowdsourcing Platform for Mobile Devices Ariel Amato, Felipe Lumbreras and Angel D. Sappa
  • 289: Training Optimum-Path Forest on Graphics Processing Units Adriana S. Iwashita, Marcos V. T. Romero, Alexandro Baldassin, Kelton A. P. Costa and Joao P. Papa
  • 293: Face Recognition based on Binary Images for Link Selection Sanghun Lee, Soochang Kim, Young-hoon Kim and Chulhee Lee
  • 311: Statistical Features for Image Retrieval - A Quantitative Comparison Cecilia Di Ruberto and Giuseppe Fodde
  • 319: High Definition Visual Attention based Video Summarization Yiming Qian and Matthew Kyan
  • 326: Evaluation of Color Spaces for Robust Image Segmentation Alexander Jungmann, Jan Jatzkowski and Bernd Kleinjohann
  • 359: A Framework for 3D Object Identification and Tracking Georgios Chliveros, Rui P. Figueiredo, Plinio Moreno, Maria Pateraki, Alexandre Bernardino, Jose Santos-Victor and Panos Trahanias
  • 384: Switching Median Filter with Signal Dependent Thresholds Designed by using Genetic Algorithm Ryosuke Kubota, Keisuke Onaga and Noriaki Suetake
17:15 - 19:15 - Room Castelo VI Parallel Session 2 - DCVISIGRAPP
  • 7: Multi-temporal Flow Maps - Looking Back to Look Forward Alberto Debiasi and Raffaele De Amicis
  • 8: Hardware Implementation of Smart Embedded Vision Systems Elisa Calvo-Gallego, Piedad Brox and Santiago Sánchez-Solano
  • 9: Doctoral Thesis - A Visual Analysis System for Hierarchical Ensemble Data Matthias Thurau
  • 11: Computer-aided Diagnosis of Retinopathy of Prematurity via Analysis of the Vascular Architecture in Retinal Fundus Images of Preterm Infants Faraz Oloumi, Rangaraj M. Rangayyan and Anna L. Ells
17:15 - 19:15 - Room Castelo IV Parallel Session 1 - Special Session on Active Robot Vision - WARV
  • 1: Fast Incremental Objects Identification and Localization using Cross-correlation on a 6 DoF Voting Scheme Mauro Antonello, Alberto Pretto and Emanuele Menegatti
  • 2: Bio-inspired Active Vision for Obstacle Avoidance Manuela Chessa, Saverio Murgia, Luca Nardelli, Silvio P. Sabatini and Fabio Solari
  • 3: Semantic Labelling of 3D Point Clouds using Spatial Object Constraints Malgorzata Goldhoorn and Ronny Hartanto
17:15 - 19:15 - Room Castelo V Parallel Session 3 - Special Session on Ultra Wide Context and Content Aware Imaging - PANORAMA
  • 6: On Multi-view Texture Mapping of Indoor Environments using Kinect Depth Sensors Luat Do, Lingni Ma, Egor Bondarev and Peter H. N. de With
  • 9: Evaluation of Distance-Aware KinFu Algorithm for Stereo Outdoor Data Hani Javan Hemmat, Egor Bondarev, Gijs Dubbelman and Peter H. N. de With
17:15 - 19:15 - Room Castelo III Parallel Session 6 - Rendering and Interactive Environments - GRAPP
  • 73: Efficient Multi-kernel Ray Tracing for GPUs Thomas Schiffer and Dieter W. Fellner
  • 75: Exploiting Material Properties to Select a Suitable Wavelet Basis for Efficient Rendering Jeroen Put, Nick Michiels and Philippe Bekaert
  • 5: Performance Analysis for GPU-based Ray-triangle Algorithms Juan J. Jiménez, Carlos J. Ogáyar, José M. Noguera and Félix Paulano
  • 10: User-guided Modulation of Rendering Techniques for Detail Inspection Ankit Sharma and Subodh Kumar
  • 11: Evaluating the Usability of Recent Consumer-grade 3D Input Devices C. Siegl, J. Süßmuth, F. Bauer and M. Stamminger
17:15 - 19:15 - Room Castelo VII Parallel Session 6 - Rendering and Geometry and Modeling - GRAPP
  • 19: Low-Discrepancy Distribution of Points on Arbitrary Polygonal 3D-surfaces Alena Bulyha, Wolfgang Herzner, Markus Murschitz and Oliver Zendel
  • 39: Automatic Method for Sharp Feature Extraction from 3D Data of Man-made Objects Trung-Thien Tran, Van-Toan Cao, Van Tung Nguyen, Sarah Ali and Denis Laurendeau
  • 49: Free Adaptive Tessellation Strategy of Bézier Surfaces Raquel Concheiro, Margarita Amor, Montserrat Bóo and Emilio J. Padrón
  • 54: Automatic Generation of Structural Building Descriptions from 3D Point Cloud Scans Sebastian Ochmann, Richard Vock, Raoul Wessel, Martin Tamke and Reinhard Klein
  • 69: Surface Reconstruction of Ancient Water Storage Systems - An Approach for Sparse 3D Sonar Scans and Fused Stereo Images Erik A. Nelson, Ian T. Dunn, Jeffrey Forrester, Timothy Gambin, Christopher M. Clark and Zoë Wood
  • 81: Visualization of 3D Cluster Results for Medical Tomographic Image Data Sylvia Glaßer, Kai Lawonn and Bernhard Preim
17:15 - 19:15 - Room Castelo I Parallel Session 6 - Image and Video Understanding - VISAPP
  • 106: Approximate Image Matching using Strings of Bag-of-Visual Words Representation Hong-Thinh Nguyen, Cécile Barat and Christophe Ducottet
  • 229: A Multi-stage Segmentation based on Inner-class Relation with Discriminative Learning Haoqi Fan, Yuanshi Zhang and Guoyu Zuo
  • 302: High Resolution Light Field Photography from Split Ray Imaging and Coded Aperture Shota Taki, Fumihiko Sakaue and Jun Sato
  • 349: Preliminary Study on the Design of a Low-cost Movement Analysis System - Reliability Measurement of Timed Up and Go Test Asma Hassani, Alexandre Kubicki, Vincent Brost and Fan Yang
  • 354: From Text Vocabularies to Visual Vocabularies - What Basis? Jean Martinet
17:15 - 19:15 - Room Castelo II Parallel Session 6a - Image and Video Understanding - VISAPP
  • 139: Absolute Spatial Context-aware Visual Feature Descriptors for Outdoor Handheld Camera Localization - Overcoming Visual Repetitiveness in Urban Environments Daniel Kurz, Peter Georg Meier, Alexander Plopski and Gudrun Klinker
  • 236: Multi-feature Real Time Pedestrian Detection from Dense Stereo SORT-SGM Reconstructed Urban Traffic Scenarios Ion Giosan and Sergiu Nedevschi
  • 2: Image Flower Recognition based on a New Method for Color Feature Extraction Amira Ben Mabrouk, Asma Najjar and Ezzeddine Zagrouba
  • 22: Towards Reliable Real-time Person Detection Silviu-Tudor serban, Srinidhi Mukanahallipatna Simha, Vasanth Bathrinarayanan, Etienne Corvee and Francois Bremond
  • 202: Invariant Shape Prior Knowledge for an Edge-based Active Contours - Invariant Shape Prior for Active Contours Mohamed Amine Mezghich, Slim M’Hiri and Faouzi Ghorbel
17:15 - 19:15 - Room Castelo IX Parallel Session 6 - Motion, Tracking and Stereo Vision - VISAPP
  • 23: 3D Object Recognition based on the Reference Point Ensemble Toshiaki Ejima, Shuichi Enokida, Toshiyuki Kouno, Hisashi Ideguchi and Tomoyuki Horiuchi
  • 247: Free Viewpoint Video for Soccer using Histogram-based Validity Maps in Plane Sweeping Patrik Goorts, Steven Maesen, Maarten Dumont, Sammy Rogmans and Philippe Bekaert
  • 265: Control of a PTZ Camera in a Hybrid Vision System Francois Rameau, Cédric Demonceaux, Désiré Sidibé and David Fofi
17:15 - 19:15 - Room Castelo VIII Parallel Session 6a - Motion, Tracking and Stereo Vision - VISAPP
  • 71: Likelihood Functions for Errors-in-variables Models - Bias-free Local Estimation with Minimum Variance Kai Krajsek, Christian Heinemann and Hanno Scharr
  • 82: Image-based Modelling of Ocean Surface Circulation from Satellite Acquisitions Dominique Béréziat and Isabelle Herlin
  • 208: Robust Pictorial Structures for X-ray Animal Skeleton Tracking Manuel Amthor, Daniel Haase and Joachim Denzler
  • 283: Generalized Preemptive RANSAC - Making Preemptive RANSAC Feasible even in Low Resources Devices Severino Gomes-Neto and Bruno M. Carvalho
17:15 - 19:15 - Room Castelo X Parallel Session 6 - Image Formation and Preprocessing - VISAPP
  • 334: Region-constrained Feature Matching with Hierachical Agglomerative Clustering Jung Whan Jang, Mostafiz Mehebuba Hossain and Hyuk-Jae Lee
  • 278: Study of Interference Noise in Multi-Kinect Set-up Tanwi Mallick, Partha Pratim Das and Arun Kumar Majumdar
  • 343: Towards Relative Altitude Estimation in Topological Navigation Tasks using the Global Appearance of Visual Information Francisco Amorós, Luis Payá, Oscar Reinoso, David Valiente and Lorenzo Fernández
  • 402: GPU based Parallel Image Processing Library for Embedded Systems Mustafa Cavus, Hakkı Doganer Sumerkan, Osman Seckin Simsek, Hasan Hassan, Abdullah Giray Yaglikci and Oguz Ergin